Limousine Hong Kong Events

The events which Hong Kong hosts are simply too numerous to list in their entirety. However, we do get some common and oft "repeated" events which clients contract our services for. Below, we offer some suggestions.

Cultural Celebrations

There's so much cultrure to be celebrate in Hong Kong. From the Birthdays of Tin Hau, Buddha, or Tam Kung, to The Cheung Chau Bun Festival, and so many other great festivals, you'll never be searching for a reason to celebrate! If you're planning on attending any of these events and you want avoid the public transit system's crowds as well as avoid the frustration of heavy traffic,then one of our limousines is the way to go!


Weddings are our specialty! When it comes to providing luxurious transportation and service that is prompt and reliable, we know exactly what it takes. Don't leave something as important as your wedding limo to just anyone! Leave it to the best - leave it to us. Whatever you might need, we will certainly find the right vehicle and work to satisfy your request with expert professionalism.

Celebrations and Carnivals

Every year, there are some great celebrations and carnivals held throughout the Hong Kong region. Most notably, we've taken fun groups to the Chinese New Year celebrations, the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival, the Hong Kong Summer Spectacular, the Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival, and much more. We've also enjoyed hosting transport during the Hong Kong Wine & Dine month which features the many many great restaurants paired with some great internationally renowned wines. This month culminates with the Wine & Dine festival. There's much more to enjoy here in Hong Kong, so you'll want a knowledgeable company to get you to and from all of these great events.

Sporting Events

Having multiple cultural backgrounds has brought a great variety of exciting sporting events and teams to the region of Hong Kong. Enjoy all of the sporting wonder provided by Hong Kong and we'll worry about the not so enjoyable traffic and parking accommodations.

Music and the Arts

Not many things bring people together the way music does, so when there's a big concert or festival planned you can bet there's going to be big crowds! If you want to arrive in style and avoid traffic then we've got what you need! Our comfortable and luxurious vehicles are exciting and fun and no amount of traffic will bring you down!

More info?

Limousine Hong Kong is always ready and willing to answer any questions you might have regarding our services. If at any time you'd like to book a vehicle with us, or if you'd simply like to find more information regarding our pricing, reservation system, or vehicle accommodation: Contact us without hesitation! …